Tech Bulletin # 18-09-044

equipment: Jacketed Firebox Hot Oil Heaters, Helical Coil Hot Oil Heaters

Understanding Automatic Burner Tuning

with the Nexus 4000 burner control system

Periodic burner tuning on your hot oil heater maximizes the burner’s combustion efficiency. This reduces wasted fuel and heater emissions.

Did you know that changes in ambient air temperature continue to affect combustion efficiency and fuel consumption? Or that dramatic shifts in air temperature can cause burner shutoffs?

CEI offers an advanced burner management system from FireyeTM that uses real-time emissions & temperature data from an O2 sensor to automatically adjust the burner’s fuel- to-air ratio. All day long. 24/7.

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Understanding automatic burner tuning with the Nexus 4000 burner control system