Service & Troubleshooting Guide #17-04-029

equipment: Jacketed Firebox Hot Oil Heaters, Helical Coil Hot Oil Heaters

13 – 3 FVES Open / T13 FVES Open

issues with fuel valve proof of closure switch

CEI hot oil heaters use Fireye flame safeguard controllers as a key part of the heater's safety system.

Most CEI hot oil heaters manufactured 2009 and earlier featured the Fireye E-110 as standard equipment. Most hot oil heaters manufactured 2010 and later feature the newer YB-110.

Fuel Valve End Switch

The E-110 and YB-110 each display a slightly different message to indicate the same shutdown failsafe related to the hot oil heater's Fuel Valve End Switch (FVES).

This Service & Troubleshooting Guide from the CEI Service Dept helps to explain the safety circuits involved, and how to troubleshoot the most likely causes.

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13-3 FVES Open / T13 FVES Open