Service & Troubleshooting Guide #16-04-019

equipment: Water Heaters for Concrete

Understanding Combustion Efficiency

in CEI Ecoheat™ direct-contact water heaters

Ecoheat water heaters from CEI heat mix water for concrete by using a fired burner. Water is heated by direct contact with heated stainless steel packing, as well as the hot burner gases.

The Ecoheat water heater is one of the most energy-efficient water heaters available in the concrete industry. It is also one of the most ecologically responsible, producing very low emissions. It can be used at dry batch concrete plants, wet batch concrete plants and continuous-process concrete plants.

Understanding why it is more efficient than others

This Service & Troubleshooting Guide describes how the combination of multiple design features allows the Ecoheat water heater to operate more cleanly and at higher efficiency than other water heaters on the market.

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Understanding combustion efficiency in CEI Ecoheat™ direct-contact water heaters