Fusion Concrete Batch Plants: Stronger Concrete Per Dollar

Fusion Concrete Batch Plant in Kansas

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CEI has combined the best, most established technology in aggregate blending from the asphalt industry with time-tested and proven cement metering techniques from the concrete industry.

The result is the Fusion concrete batch plant.

By combining graded aggregates with CEI blending technology, the Fusion plant creates a more dense mix of aggregates. This reduces the surface area that must be covered with cement paste — thus reducing the amount of cement required.

With the Fusion batch plant you can use less cement to make better, more consistent concrete.

How MUCH less cement? Some customers have exceeded strength specs using up to 17% less.

The Results speak for themselves.

Take a look at the test data below. These are test results of concrete mixed with a CEI Fusion plant in Kansas. 3-1/4 inch slump was mixed with 470 pounds of cement per cubic yard, rather than the standard 564 pounds. This represents a 16.7% reduction in cement usage.

Break test results from Fusion concrete batch plant.

Standard break test specifications require a strength of 4,000 psi at 28 days.

The 7-day break test

The 7-day break test will represent 65% of the concrete’s compressive strength. So, concrete mixed with 564 pounds of cement per cubic yard should fracture at 2,600 psi in order to pass the 7-day test.

The concrete mixed with the Fusion plant and only 470 lbs/cy of cement fractured at 4,350 psi, exceeding requirement by 1,750 psi for the 7-day test.

The 14-day break test

The 14-day break test of the same concrete showed a compressive strength of 4,580 psi.

The 28-day break test

The 28-day break test showed a compressive strength of 5,460 psi, exceeding the test standard by 1,460 psi.

This was concrete mixed with 94 pounds less cement per cubic yard, saving nearly 17% in cement consumption.