Fusion™ Concrete Batch Plant

Fusion Concrete Batch Plant

The Fusion™ concrete batch plant is the next step in the evolution of concrete plant technology. By weighing each aggregate and adjusting moisture content in real time, it allows for precisely blended aggregates and optimized mix performance while minimizing material, operational and life cycle costs.

Less Maintenance.

The Fusion plant operates with no air solenoids, no clam-shell gates & bearings, and no air cylinders. The absence of these components also means the absence of the need to maintain and repair them. Not only does this reduce your maintenance costs, it results in a quieter-operating plant.

Lower Operating Costs.

The aggregate blending unit only requires 80 amps for operation of its electric motor-driven belts. Since aggregates are fully blended before they even go in the truck, your drivers don’t have to waste time waiting on minimum mixer rotations. Get your trucks on the road faster, because time is money.

Advantages of the Fusion Batch Plant

Better Concrete

  • Less segregation
  • Graded aggregates
  • Fewer voids
  • Lower cement demand
  • Real-time moisture monitoring
  • Fast setup
  • Only pad to pour is for silo

Proven Technology.

Our aggregate system is an evolution from asphalt-style aggregate blending. It is built on time-tested, field-proven designs that have been used in the asphalt industry for more than 30 years.

Heavy Construction.

CEI equipment is built for durability, reliability and longevity throughout years of hard use. The Fusion batch plant is one of the most sturdily constructed pieces of equipment

State-of-the-Art Controls.

Enter your mix design, load the aggregates into the corresponding bins, and turn it on. The automated system will take care of the rest. Manual overrides are included.

Parts & Service Support:

Replacement parts are readily available from CEI’s large parts inventory. You can rest assured that we back our products with worldwide parts & service support, as we have done since 1969.


Stationary. Portable. Full Plant. Retrofit.

The core of the Fusion plant is the aggregate blending unit. A series of in-line bins holds multiple sizes of aggregates and sand. Feeder belts under each bin discharge precisely-weighed amounts of each aggregate onto the collecting conveyor below. Aggregates are fully blended by the time they leave the belt. This evolution of asphalt-style aggregate blending is the most accurate and consistent system available in the concrete industry today.

Portable aggregate blending unit of Fusion concrete batch plant

Additional Options & Configurations

  • Additional aggregate bins
  • Additional cement storage
  • Additional 4” or 5” loading pipes
  • AR-400 / urethane liners
  • Vibrators
  • Electronic flowmeter
  • Maintenance platforms
  • Moisture probes
  • Access ladders / platforms
  • Dust collection systems
Operation of Fusion concrete batch plant.

For additional information on the Fusion Concrete Batch Plant, please contact RexCon, Inc — an Astec Industries company