Liquid Additive Systems

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CEI Additive Systems are comprised of an additive storage tank, heating system, pump, meter and controls.

CEI additive systems are fully-packaged, with all necessary system components mounted on the storage tank. The tanks are heated by hot oil that flows through coils inside the tank. Electrically-heated tanks are also available.

Heating controls are included to maintain the additive at the proper temperature. The system incorporates a mass-flow meter for accurate measurement of additive flow. The system can add liquid additives based on a proportional control logic versus production rate and/or asphalt flow rate.

CEI additive systems are available in either stationary or portable design. The systems can be mounted on either portable or stationary asphalt storage tanks.

Options include automated divert valves for batch plants, variable speed drives, and a separate trailer. Temperature-adjusting mass flow meters and volumetric batching canisters are both available to meet specific project specifications.