Asphalt-Rubber Blending Systems


Portable Mixing Unit

Ground Tire Rubber (GTR) is loaded into the hopper before mixing begins and must be replenished during the mixing process. Next the screw conveyor carries the GTR to the mixing chamber. Then, the GTR is blended with virgin asphalt by a high shear mixer running at a speed of 3400 rpm. As the materials are mixed, they are pumped to the portable holding tank. During the mixing process, fresh materials are continuously fed into the chamber until the required volume of material has been mixed.

The CEI Portable Mixing Unit includes the high temperature heating system for the process. Load Cells and Mass Liquid Flow Meters provide extremely accurate material regulation. And the controls can be either panel mounted or included in an air conditioned con-trol room. Low emission options are available for the hot oil heater.

CEI Asphalt-Rubber Mixing Unit

Portable Reaction Tank

One compartment in the Portable Holding Tank contains fresh mix for a specified time while aged mix is used out of another compartment to make Hot Mix Asphalt (HMA). Each compartment has an auger mounted horizontally in its lower compartment. The auger agitates the mix to keep crumb rubber in suspension. The augers in each compartment operate independently. A level float system diverts the hot oil flow if the asphalt-rubber drops below the top of the heating coils.

The CEI Portable Reaction Tank can be a single, double, or triple compart- ment design. Each compartment has individual controls for level and tem- perature. Blue smoke control, folding walkways and plant supply pumping/ metering systems are all inclusive. Axles are provided per permitting requirements.

CEI Asphalt-Rubber Reaction Tank


For additional information on asphalt rubber blending systems, please contact Heatec, Inc — an Astec Industries company