Heavy Fuel Preheaters

CEI heavy fuel preheater

CEI Heavy Fuel Preheaters are designed to raise the temperature of heavy fuel up to 100 degrees F at a flow rate of 1,000 gallons per hour.

Pre-heating lowers the viscosity of heavy fuel so that it can be properly atomized by a burner. Typical applications include burners of aggregate dryers used at hot mix asphalt plants.

The standard preheater uses thermal fluid as its source of heat. Electrically-heated models are also available. Optional skid-mounted models come fully-packaged with fuel pump, motor, piping, and duplex strainer.

Fast and Efficient Heat Transfer

The preheater uses serpentine coils of finned pipe. The fins are serrated and increase the heat-transfer area of the pipe about 800 percent more than bare pipe. The serrations also increase efficiency by increasing the turbulence of the heavy fuel flowing around the fins.

Modulating Control

Modulating Control maintains heavy fuel at optimum temperature for efficient combustion. It precisely maintains heavy fuel temperature within two degrees F of set point. This produces significant benefits in fuel consumption, quality control, and operational efficiency.

Significance of Precise Temperature Control

Heavy fuel at optimum temperature burns more efficiently than heavy fuel at higher or lower temperatures. As a result, a burner will consume less fuel to meet its heat demand. Since aggregate dryers use relatively large amounts of heavy fuel, the savings can be significant.

Moreover, heavy fuel at temperatures much higher or lower than optimum produce adverse side effects on hot mix quality, bag house filters, stack emissions and burner operation.

For additional information on heavy fuel preheaters, please contact Heatec, Inc — an Astec Industries company