Asphalt Calibration Tanks

CEI asphalt asphalt calibration tank


CEI Calibration Tanks are used to calibrate the liquid asphalt metering system of a drum mix asphalt plant. Calibration tanks save considerable time and money, and are available in vertical or horizontal styles.

Efficiency is a concern

Using a calibration tank is far more efficient than using a distributor truck, a common practice in the industry. Efficiency becomes significant when calibration must be done frequently. It was not so bad when calibration had to be done every month or two. But now some states require it every week.

The inefficient way

Just compare using a truck with using a CEI calibration tank. Here is what would have to be done when using a truck to calibrate a metering system:

  1. Get an empty asphalt distributor truck. Drive it across a truck scale, record its wight, and then drive it to the plant.
  2. Connect the truck to the asphalt tank.
  3. Pump one or two thousand gallons of asphalt into the truck as indicated by the metering system. Disconnect the asphalt lines.
  4. Drive the truck back across the weigh scale and record its weight.
  5. Subtract the truck’s empty weight from its loaded weight. Adjust the metering system readouts to agree with the calculated weight.
  6. Reconnect the truck to the asphalt tank and pump the asphalt back into the tank.
  7. Repeat the whole process again, and again.

Efficient Way

The CEI calibration tank provides an efficient way. It has built-in load cells and a digital readout. The load cells are highly accurate. They are factory calibrated and furnished with a calibration certificate. The system provides a higher degree of accuracy than using a truck scale.

Once the calibration tank is installed, there is no need to connect and disconnect asphalt lines each time the system is calibrated. Here is all that has to be done using a CEI calibration tank:

  1. Open the valves to the calibration tank and pump about 1,000 gallons of AC into the calibration tank as indicated by the asphalt metering system.
  2. Note the weight shown on the readout of the calibration tank
  3. Adjust the metering system to agree with the weight shown on the readout. Switch the valves, then pump the AC back into the AC tank.

It is worthwhile

Three cycles can be run with the calibration tank in less time than it takes for one cycle with a distributor truck. Two or three hours may be saved every time calibration is needed, maybe more.

For additional information on asphalt calibration tanks, please contact Heatec, Inc — an Astec Industries company