Asphalt Equipment Literature

  • CEI Asphalt-Rubber Blending Systems

    Asphalt-Rubber Blending Systems

    Continuous-Process AR Mixing System

    Publication # 15-09-014

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  • Jacketed Firebox Hot Oil Heaters

    Jacketed Firebox Hot Oil Heaters

    Heat and circulate heat transfer oil

    Publication # 15-02-01

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  • Helical Coil Hot Oil Heaters

    Helical Coil Heaters

    Hot Oil Heaters and Booster Heaters

    Publication # 15-04-004

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  • CEI Tank Line

    Tank Line

    Vertical, horizontal & portable storage and blending tanks

    Publication # 16-03-018

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  • SBS Polymer Blending System

    SBS Polymer System

    System for mixing polymer-modified asphalt cement

    Publication # 15-06-010

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  • Electrically Heated Tanks

    Electrically Heated Tanks

    Storage tanks with electric heating

    Publication # 16-07-021

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  • Liquid Additive Systems

    Liquid Additive Systems

    Storage & metering for anti-strip and other additives

    Publication # 16-07-022

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  • Asphalt Tank Vent Condensers

    Asphalt Tank Vent Condensers

    Emissions control for asphalt storage tanks

    Publication # 16-07-023

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  • Extreme-Duty Vent Condensers

    Extreme-Duty Vent Condensers

    Reduce temperature of tank emissions below ambient temperature

    Publication # 16-07-024

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  • Heavy Fuel Preheaters

    Heavy Fuel Preheaters

    Lower the viscosity of heavy fuel oil for combustion

    Publication # 15-06-008

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  • CEI Parts and Service

    CEI Parts & Service

    Same Money and Save Time by Planning Ahead

    Publication # 18-04-037

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  • CEI Full Product Line

    Full Product Line

    Products for Concrete, Asphalt, and Energy

    Publication # 19-05-051

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  • CEI Jacketed Firebox Heater - Operation Service and Parts Manual

    CEI Jacketed Firebox Heater

    Operation, Service and Parts Manual

    Publication # V1.5 0813

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