CEI announces transition in manufacturing

Albuquerque, NM (Nov. 6, 2019) —  CEI’s parent corporation, Astec Industries, has announced a plan to consolidate manufacturing operations. As part of this consolidation, the manufacture of CEI products will transition to other of Astec’s numerous manufacturing facilities.

From December 26, 2019 forward, CEI hot oil heaters and tank-related products will be manufactured at Heatec, Inc., located in Chattanooga, TN. CEI concrete products will be manufactured at RexCon, Inc., located in Burlington, Wisconsin.

Mike Anderson, President of CEI Enterprises, wishes to emphasize that CEI customers will continue to receive long-term and comprehensive product support, stating:

"We will be working closely with Heatec and RexCon to ensure customers needs are met for current and future orders, as well as for parts and service on existing equipment for years to come. Astec has earned a reputation for great customer service, and I want to ensure all CEI customers that we will follow through with our commitments during and after this transition."

For additional information, please contact:

Heatec, Inc. at 423.821.5200 or www.Heatec.com, or

RexCon, Inc. at 262.539.4050 or www.RexCon.com.

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