About CEI Enterprises, Inc.

CEI employees at our manufacturing facility in Albuquerque, New Mexico

CEI Enterprises, Inc. is a manufacturer of concrete mixing equipment, asphalt heating and storage equipment, and modified asphalt blending systems. Our core products include concrete batch plants, direct-contact water heaters, hot oil heaters, asphalt storage tanks, and asphalt-rubber blending systems, among others.

Our History

CEI was established as Childers Enterprises Incorporated in 1969, by Albuquerque businessman William Lawson "Bill" Childers.

In 1946, Bill Childers' father William Luis Childers opened Childers Welding & Machine Works at 605 Euclid Avenue in Albuquerque. That company developed a high-quality circulating hot oil heater that rapidly gained popularity, to the point that the existing facility could not meet the demand for new orders. William Luis Childers then opened a second business, Childers Manufacturing Company, to fulfill ever-increasing orders nationally and worldwide. Childers Manufacturing was located at 2010 6th St. and manufactured hot oil heaters and asphalt storage tanks, as well as other equipment invented by William Luis Childers.

Some of this original equipment is still in active use today.

By the late 1960s, there were internal conflicts between some of the Childers family and William Luis Childers' second wife. This led Bill Childers to leave Childers Manufacturing and form CEI. Bill's brother Bruce managed and eventually owned Childers Welding & Machine Works. Bruce passed away in 2017, but Childers Welding and Machine Works is still owned and operated by his family to this day.

From its beginning in 1969, CEI specialized in both manufacturing and service — of hot oil heaters (also referred to as thermal fluid heaters or thermal oil heaters), asphalt storage tanks, and related asphalt plant equipment. Our product line has grown over the years to encompass a variety of equipment, including Asphalt-Rubber blending systems, asphalt emulsion plants, FUSION™ concrete batch plants, ECOHEAT™ direct-contact water heaters, and mobile batch mixers for concrete plants.

CEI became an Astec Industries company in 1995, and is a sister company to Heatec, Inc., located in Chattanooga, Tennessee and RexCon, Inc., located in Burlington, Wisconsin.

In late 2019, Astec Industries initiated a consolidation of its many worldwide manufacturing facilities. This consolidation led to CEI's product line being manufactured & serviced by sister companies Heatec and RexCon. Right up to the closure of the Albuquerque facility in late 2019, many CEI products included components manufactured by Childers Welding & Machine Works.

William Lawson Childers, founder of CEI, passed away March 28, 2015.


Childers Manufacturing Logo

  • William Luis Childers and Jewell Marie Eastep Childers, circa 1957
  • Childers model C-75 heater at Childers Welding & Machine Works on Euclid Ave.
  • January 1955 newspaper photo of William Luis Childers with a Childers model C-50 heater.
  • Original Childers Manufacturing location at 2010 6th St. in Albuquerque.
  • William Luis Childers displays a circulating hot oil heater at a tradeshow, circa 1960.
  • Bill Childers, 1945
  • Bill Childers, 1946
  • Bill Childers, circa 1955
  • Bill Childers, 1960
  • Bill Childers with his children, circa 1974
  • Bill Childers, founder of CEI, 1943 — 2015
  • Childers heater under construction, circa 1957.
  • Childers All-In-One portable asphalt tank with hot oil heater, 1961.
  • Childers C-150 circulating hot oil heater. Oklahoma, June 2014.
  • 1971 CEI heater in operation in Utah, 2009.

  • January 1955 newspaper article about Childers Manufacturing

    Newspaper article about Childers Manufacturing

    January 12, 1955

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  • Childers C-75 hot oil heater brochure

    Childers Model C-75

    1950s-era brochure reproduction

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  • Newspaper article about Childers Manufacturing

    Heaters Built Here Go All Over The World

    1960s-era newspaper article

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