Fusion™ Ready Mix Concrete Plant

CEI Fusion dry batch concrete plant

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Stronger Concrete Per Dollar.

The Fusion™ batch plant from CEI lets you produce superior concrete with lower permeability, using less cement. How much less? Some customers have exceeded strength specs using up to 17% less cement.

The Fusion plant blends aggregates in layers, with consistency and precision to reduce voids, lower cement demand, and reduce segregation.

CEI’s Precision Aggregate Management utilizes a series of in-line bins. Each bin releases through an adjustable discharge gate to a dedicated feed conveyor. Each feed conveyor uses a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to provide a precisely-metered flow of each aggregate onto the collecting conveyor that runs underneath all the bins in sequence.

Belt scales mounted on each feeder belt, underneath each bin, weigh and confirm the actual flow rate of each aggregate in real-time. It is the most accurate and consistent aggregate blending system available in the concrete industry today.

Superior lab test results.

Independent field testing has shown that concrete mixed with a CEI Fusion plant exceeded break test standards with a significant reduction in cement usage.

At a plant in Kansas, 3-1/4 inch slump concrete was mixed with 470 pounds of cement per cubic yard, rather than the standard 564 lbs. This represents a 16.7% reduction in cement usage.

Standard break test specifications require a strength of 4,000 psi at 28 days.

The 7-day break test will represent 65% of the concrete's compressive strength. Therefore, concrete made with the standard 564 lbs of cement per cubic yard should fracture at 2,600 psi in order to pass the 7-day test.

The concrete mixed with the Fusion plant and only 470 lbs of cement per cubic yard fractured at 4,350 psi, exceeding the test standard by 1,750 psi for the 7-day test.

The 14-day break test of the same concrete mix showed a compressive strength of 4,580 psi.

The 28-day break test showed a compressive strength of 5,460 psi, exceeding the test standard by 1,460 psi.

This was concrete mixed with 94 pounds less cement per cubic yard, saving nearly 17% in cement consumption.

Break test data showing concrete mixed with a CEI Fusion concrete plant and 470 lbs/cy of cemen exceeds strength specs by 1,460 psi with a 17% reduction in cement usage.

PLC Controls provide for simple and easy operation. Simply enter your mix design, load the aggregates into the corresponding bins, and turn it on. The automated system will take care of the rest. Redundant manual override controls are included for backup.

Proven Technology. Our aggregate system is built on time-tested, field-proven designs that have been used in the asphalt industry for more than 30 years. CEI has extensive experience in this type of aggregate blending, having produced asphalt plant equipment since 1969. As an Astec Industries company, CEI is also able to leverage the most established and accurate aggregate blending technology available.

Parts & Service Support: There's more. CEI is a full-service company, with engineering, manufacturing, setup, training, worldwide parts & service support... all here, all the time, for you.


  • Additional aggregate bins
  • Additional cement storage
  • Additional 4" or 5" loading pipes
  • AR 400/urethane liners
  • Bin vibrators
  • Electronic flowmeter
  • Maintenance platforms
  • Moisture probes
  • Access ladders / platforms
  • Dust collection system

  • Fusion 3-bin concrete batch plant
    Optional 3-bin aggregate blending system.
  • Belt scale on CEI concrete batch plant
    Belt scales on each feeder belt accurately monitor the flow of each aggregate.
  • Fusion concrete dry batch plant with TSB mobile batch mixer
    The Fusion dry batch plant can be easily converted to a wet batch plant with the TSB Mobile Batch Mixer.